There is no denying that owning a business is a busy task. There is so much that needs to be handled, but it seems like there is never enough time go get anything done. One action that you can take to help your business and your customer’s is hire a virtual receptionist. Elation Answering Service offers virtual receptionists that take care of your clients while you take care of your business. Here are three other reasons why hiring a virtual receptionist is the right move for your business.

Reduce Your Costs If your business is receiving a high volume of calls, it is time to hire a virtual receptionist. Though your customers’ calls are very important to you, it is unrealistic to spend all day dealing with them yourself. Hiring a virtual receptionist is more cost-effective than hiring someone to be in the office with you; instead of having to pay to recruit, train and employ someone you just pay a monthly fee for answering services. In fact, reports that the average cost of hiring a receptionist in 2012 was $29,578 plus benefits, vacation and other amenities. However, the average cost of a virtual receptionist is $440 a month, which equates to an annual savings of over $20,000.

Increase Your Productivity If you have a large amount of work to get done, it is time to hire a virtual receptionist. IF you do not currently have a virtual receptionist, you probably spend a good part of your day answering calls and assisting clients. Because your calls will be taken care of via the virtual receptionist, you will have more time to meet with possible customers and create strategies for your business. While your business continues to grow, your answering service will handle all of your calls in a productive and professional manner.

Maintain Your Customer Service If you care for your customers and their needs, it is time to hire a virtual receptionist. Unlike receptionists that work office hours, our answering service provides receptionists that work evenings, overnights, and weekend hours. This allows your customers to call and speak to a live person any day at any time. Some virtual receptionists are even bilingual which provides even deeper support to your customers. Your customers’ positive experience may even lead to referrals.

Whether your goal is to decrease spending, increase productivity, or maintain positive customer service, hiring a virtual receptionist can be the next step that leads your business to even greater success.