The primary reason for hiring an answering service is that it can help you live up to the challenging of cutting through the noise and establish yourself as a high-quality brand. From large companies to mom and pop shops, everyone is advertising themselves on the Internet. How do you set yourself apart? By delivering excellent customer service that is simple and pleasant to work with, you will not only retain customers but also get referrals to new ones.

Your customer service revolves around the communication your company has with its customers. Here are three reasons hiring a telephone answering service is a “must” to help your business delivery quality customer service.

Your Customers Will Feel Heard

As consumers, we all know the dreaded feeling of getting send to voicemail– will the recipient even hear the message? How will I know they understood me? Will they call me back? Hiring an answering service means that your customers will speak with a live person– no more phone tag.

Save Money

Outsourcing your phone answering can also save your business money. Trying to create your own around-the-clock coverage is costly. Additionally, staffing turnover and absenteeism challenges leave large margins for error. Holding regular staff accountable to 24/7 coverage requires higher pay, hands-on supervision, payroll processing, scheduling and unique technology requirements. Instead, utilize our answering service and agents.  We’ve been doing this for decades!

Stay Organized

Hiring an answering service can also lighten the amount of tasks on your proverbial (or literal) to-do list. Answering service agents can answer your calls, schedule your appointments, and take down important client information or messages for you.

At Elation Answering Service, we are committed to delivering a high-quality advantage to your customer service. Our agents and supervisors are committed to customer care, attention to detail and problem solving.

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