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Private Practice Answering Service

Like most private practice physicians, your day is probably spent seeing patients. Unfortunately for your other patients, this means that you are largely inaccessible if they try to call. They will probably get sent to voicemail. The problem with voicemail is that it lacks the capability to tell a physician whether or not the message is an emergency or just an appointment scheduling call.

The value of a private practice answering service lies not only in emergency cases, but for general patient care. The ability to reach a live person on the phone instead of a voicemail gives peace of mind that leaving a message after the beep just can’t give. As a doctor, you’re familiar with the power of a human connection—your patients will be impressed by your practice’s ability to provide this level of patient care at all hours of the day or night.

Private practice answering services allow your practice the ability to handle new patient intake, current patient questions, post-appointment follow-up, office visits, and everything in between without the physician sacrificing any appointment times to answer voicemails or fill out paperwork.

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