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Solo Practice Law Firm Answering Service

Technology choices can be the difference in profitability margin for small or solo practice law firms—have you considered hiring an attorney answering service? Despite the prevalence of modernized communication, many industries still find that the most productive way of capturing business is via phone. Finding cutting edge products and services allows lawyers to eliminate distractions in their day-to-day agenda. Restricting telephone interruptions is one simple way to maximize efficiency.

It also gives solo practice attorneys an opportunity to screen and prioritize calls. If a prospective client is on the phone, your legal answering service can send it straight through. However, if opposing counsel is calling to ask for an extension, your Elation Answering Service agent will be able to take a thorough message for you to respond to on your own time.

Unlike hiring a receptionist or administrative assistant whom you typically pay a full salary, regardless of how much or little work he or she does, we only charge you for the services you use. Slower month? Lower bill! Avoiding fixed costs like a full-time employee can help your practice save on overhead costs. An answering service can be the perfect balance between maintaining solid profitability and getting your practice the support it needs to become more efficient.

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