Is your receptionist not quite the stellar, hard working, personable person he appeared to be in his interview? Before you give him the boot, make sure you have taken the time to analyze the situation. Here are three ideas to keep in mind before you start looking for another receptionist.

First, ask yourself…

Does he know what to do?

Did you take the time to tell him what his job is? Does he know how you want calls handled and appointments made? He may not openly admit that he’s a bit overwhelmed or that he wasn’t even aware of his mistakes. Make sure your receptionist knows how you want things handled in the office. A helpful tip is to write out how everything should be done. It will take time to do it, but it is all for the sake of a better, more productive employee.

However, if your receptionist is well aware of his job responsibilities, and simply neglects to perform them, you have a completely different issue on your hands. If work ethic is the issue, then it may be time to…bad receptionist

Address his work ethic

Sometimes it’s necessary to confront an employee about unprofessional behavior. Be very specific about the behavior and don’t make generalizations. Be prepared to bring up specific scenarios where the unprofessional behavior or consistent mistakes have negatively affected the coworkers or office dynamics. Communicate to your receptionist exactly what changes you would like to see in their worth ethic or behavior.

And, most importantly…

Don’t allow a bad employee to affect you professionally

Don’t start gossiping about your bad receptionist. Instead, use the opportunity to be a professional leader and follow the advice above. Communicate with your receptionist about his behavior, work ethic, and responsibilities to give this working relationship the best shot you can.