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Why Your Medical Office Still Needs a Medical Answering Service

Here are the benefits of using Elation’s Medical Answering Service

Patient needs are complicated, and sometimes having a medical answering service that specializes in the requirements of medical offices makes all the difference in the world.  For example, you may be aware of all of the requirements of HIPAA compliance in the office.  But what about secure messaging?

What is a Medical Answering Service?

Answering Services can create havoc for your medical practice if they don’t do their job correctly.  Those times when patients reach out to you via phone are opportunities to build a better patient relationship in order to help facilitate patient care.  A medical answering service provides phone answering service, patient communications, secure messaging and on call scheduling all in a HIPAA compliant and professional manner.  When you hire an answering service, you can better focus on patient care and lighten your administrative workload.

Secure Messaging

Because HIPAA compliance requires that patient data be maintained in a secure manner, Elation Answering Service provides messaging options that ensure your patient data is secure.

Although Elation Answering Service provides an application for your phone or secure online access to our web portal, Elation Answering Service is also capable of integrating with your clinic’s or hospital’s chosen systems.

Elation Answering Service currently supports:

TigerText (Tiger Connect)

MiSecure Messaging (Amtelco)


Other messaging solutions include Spok and American Messaging

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How to Set Up an Answering Service

Most medical answering service programs can be set up in a couple of hours.  If you have a medical office that only includes five or fewer doctors, an account manager can easily set your program up quickly over the phone and email. Contact us now to learn more about our medical office answering service.

If you have a large complex hospital and clinic structure, our experienced team can work with you to convert the most complex programs into successful implementations in a short period of time. Contact us now to learn about our hospital answering service.

Medical Answering Service for Physicians


Ealtion Answering Service is fully compliant, and all of our employees go through HIPAA training. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Medical Answering Service

Medical Answering Service

Elation Answering Service provides medical answering service, focusing on a quality patient experience during each call.

Secure Messaging

Several secure messaging options exist, whether it’s via a phone app, online or using your system we’ve got you covered.

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Elation Answering Service Provides High Quality Medical Answering Service for Medical Offices, Clinics, Private Practices and Hospitals

HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service
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