after hours answering serviceLife does not happen on a 9-5 schedule, even though that is the way many businesses and answering services operate. The reality is that your computer may crash at two o’clock in the morning and you’ll need immediate technical support, or your client may call with a last minute offer in the middle of your daughter’s dance recital. After hours answering services are a crucial support for both customers and business and their respective needs.

1. Regardless of the size of a business, a significant number of calls are received after hours, because again, life operates beyond the 9-5 timeframe. When there is no one to answer calls, the result is lost customers and lost revenue. All calls are important and need to be answered, regardless of when they are received.

2. When customers are unable to get answers, they become frustrated and negatively impact your business. Being able to respond immediately to customer inquiries will help boost your business to the top and set it apart from competitors who only operate during normal business hours.

3. After hours answering services provide peace of mind to both customers and businesses. When there are trained after hours staff, both customers and businesses know that there will be reliable services and accurate answers.

The solution? Answering services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn more about Elation Answering Service’s highly reliable answering services for your needs.