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24/7 answering service for a wide variety of small business.

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Answering Service for                  Small Businesses

Elation Answering Service specializes in providing answering service for small business. Often called on call answering service, virtual receptionist or after hours messaging service, these operations usually involve supporting the small businesses with handling client phone calls and communication.

Elation Answering Service provides answering service for small businesses in a range of industries including tradesmen, contractors, funeral homes, bakeries, agencies and many more. With online tools to assist with on-call scheduling and after hours communication, Elation Answering Service is your best choice for on call and after hours answering service for small businesses.

Having your phone answering service operated by Elation Answering Service ensures your clients are handled by a professional staff. Our staff is highly trained to handle your customer calls and become part of your team.

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The support your small business needs.

On call 24/7. Think of us as a smart resource. We’re here to support you on a moment’s notice or over an
extended period of time so you can attend to the important needs of your business.

After Hours Answering Service

24/7 Local answering service agents ready to support your business.

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Your business growth often depends on leads and referrals. We’ll help you capture those, as well as schedule appointments that work with your schedule.


After hours, we’re there to cover for you, and it’s easy for you to get notifications when it works best for you.

A welcoming voice for                              your customers, 24/7.

We know how many hats you need to wear to be a successful small business owner. Juggling tasks, employee needs and marketing your business doesn’t leave you with much time to focus on your businesses phone line.

Allow us to support your business by providing answering services to your clients, becoming an extension of you and treating callers the same way you would.

With our 24/7 coverage, we’re available to provide phone answering during peak hours. With us covering your phones, you’ll be free to keep up with the demands of running your business when you’re needed most, especially outside of business hours.

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