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Hospital Answering Service

Though it’s rarely top-of-mind for patients, hospitals are a hotbed of clerical tasks and phone calls. From appointment scheduling to pre-registration calls, and triage to new patient referrals, many hospital employees feel bogged down by clerical and or administrative tasks that restrict them from being able to provide the utmost clinical care to each patient. Elation Answering Service’s hospital answering service strives to resolve these issues and bring the human connection back to patient care.

Our hospital answering service agents are highly trained to understand hospital policies and paperwork so they can seamlessly field calls from your current, future, or even past patients. Often times, prospective patients will call hospitals seeking a referral to a doctor within their network. The ability to offer this patient quality attention and an agent who can schedule them with the appropriate doctor in the same phone call offers an immediate return on your hospital answering service investment.

Triage calls are another sore spot for many hospital providers. Hiring a hospital answering service allows the ability to screen calls for urgency, while still offering quality patient care to every caller. This ensures that urgent calls not left waiting in a queue behind a less urgent need.

Elation Answering Service goes beyond on-call paging, striving to improve the overall performance of your hospital from patient care to clerical efficiency.

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